I’m a generalist

I’m a generalist.

I have been fortunate enough over the last decade to have worked with dozens of typically mutually exclusive technology stacks, to solve whatever problem required a solution at the time.

I am a Software Engineer, an Enterprise Architect, a Network, System & Database Administrator. I am probably not what you would call a career expert in any of these disciplines, but I have to perform parts of all of these roles to get by in my day to day.

To recite part of the laundry list, I have:

  • Developed web applications with Perl, Javascript and PostgreSQL
  • Developed desktop applications in C# and SQL Server
  • Designed and deployed Data Centre networks and hardware with Cisco, Dell, Sun and more
  • Run sales meetings, written proposals and responded to tenders – then project managed the delivery of some of these

I don’t say all of this to boast, or to otherwise big note myself. The key is that I’ve done a lot of different things and while I’ve thought about blogging many times I never got around to it.

Now I have.

Welcome to my blog, it will be messy at first and while I consider myself a good communicator, I expect the format will take some time to really get used to.

I intend to cover whatever springs to mind, whatever I am interested in at the time. Sometimes I will simply record the answers to problems solved in case my pain might help others.

If you have something to say, feel free to comment. I would love to hear where I’m wrong or could be doing something better.